©Fangy Title: Murder the Dawn
date: 05-11
Tools: Photoshop CS3

Another piece from the on going Evalas project that I seem to keep myself busy with. Deathseekers were creations made by the Horsemen war himself. With some help from his beloved Death he was able to ressurect his fallen kin, The aven, Evalas now extinct race of evles. The Aven were war like They faught against war himself but the Horsmen won out, in the end a selected few was ressurected and their souls combined with the souls of tormented souls of that of dragons. This giving them some sort of magical soulbound dragonic armour that forms around ones body to give it's wielder horns, wings, claws and incrediable magical powers. Anywho After the war when the horsemen were defeated, Goth (War, famine and plaue, the horsmen that survived were combined into one being since they were to powerful to kill thus they were combined into one instead, like a prison) sent out a Deathseeker to find a child. Muirahn here found said child but didn't take it back to Groth, senseing that it's mortal flesh only held something greater.