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This is just a small collection of my artwork. It's a mix of mostly illustrions, comic pages, and some character sheets. Take a look around and I hope you like what you see. Keep me mind however that some of this stuff around here is old. And some is new, it's not in any order but it's all dated. Thank you! Email me if ya like!



    ILLUSTRATIONS (There is no order to this. Mix and match!)

    Emeline, watch out for Aasmons hands....    Lord Illidan knows the way BITCH!   
    Robin put that frown upside down.    Short skirts are awesome!    Demon and his pet.    No feeding the Deathseekers    On the job Sariel and lazy Sariel.    COVER!   
    That is one Smexy Demon.    Herald of the Arcane.    Short skirts are awesome!    No feeding the Deathseekers    EXPLOSION!    Darth Nazi! *OLD but I still like it*   

Demons of Paris
A woman that has willing tethered herself to
a demon known as Aamon. Set during the
French Revultion. *ongoing, updates are random*

A woman forced into Vampirism and to serve
Nazi Germany during WWII all the while she is
part of a Underground Society that has it's own plans