©Fangy title: Death of Netzach
date: 03-05
Tools: Photoshop cs

Meh I was bored and had nothing better to do when I did this so I'm like OK Netzach has some good popularity, it being when FFVII was all the rage again with AC coming out, and Netzach being a FF7 based *Yes she is supposed to be Sephiroths daughter I am ashamed but she still kicks a fair amount of assage so =P* character I thought "Hey lets kill her off for some fun" Although I never truley killed her off. That and I think I got some threatening notes on DA about reviving her LOL. No worries! I still RP her and I still doodle her. Net will probably always show up in sketches and doodles and full blown pics as you can see throughout my site.